Adult Literacy

In a research survey carried out in Uganda during 2016, we interviewed many adults (male and female) between the age of 27 and 50:

We were astonished to discover that 70% of females did not go to school and that those who did finished no higher than in primary 2/3. Slightly more males went to school, but still 60% of males did not go to school and of those that did the majority only went as far as primary 4-7.

It is important to remember that the parents of these children (now adults) were however doing everything they could to put their children through school. Many have admitted to not even being able to read their children’s report and often got a neighbour to help them out.

In June 2017 we were able to re-start our adult English classes. We currently hold six English literacy classes throughout the week and we will be advancing these to include a primary level qualification. Our students often come with no formal education and we therefore want them to leave with a primary level certificate having completed their exams. All of our current adult learners are aged between 35 and 50. Typically, they are parents who are working hard to put their children through education and now they have the opportunity to learn for themselves. Each course lasts one year and comes with free membership of our Community Library. We are confident that our next intake will be larger but we may need to rent larger premises to accommodate a larger class!