We have a passion to empower women spiritually, financially, mentally and emotionally. We see many women raising children on their own. For some their husbands have died or have walked away from the family. The effects of poverty will often impact on single parent families first. Deserted women face the challenge of carrying the financial burden for the family and therefore find themselves in need of financial assistance, spiritual and emotional support.

Paid employment is scarce due to the rise in unemployment across the nation. Women in Uganda are also unlikely to be skilled enough to seek employment, because of the history of poor education. Often starting a new business using their talents is the only way out of poverty.

Women are emotionally broken and My Child Uganda has been given the privilege of hosting empowering conferences called “Healing the Broken Hearted.” These meetings have become a place of healing and restoration. They happen annually but in 4 different locations: Wakiso (our base) and 3 smaller conferences in rural villages: Sembakule, Zengebe and Kyankwanzi. We help transport women from distant communties to attend the Wakison conference, and also provide food for all delegates.

Working with community and church leaders, we have seen the attendance for the conferences grow to 2,000 women from across central and southern Uganda per year. Men have attended as well.

We also hold bi-monthly mentoring and leadership training for women in leadership positions in the community.

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