We are always dreaming big! We are grateful for all that has been accomplished to date, but there is much more that we want to do. Partner with us to make these dreams a reality....

IMPACT Women: Conference PA system

As we venture out across many more villages and the attendance of women increases in the rural areas, we need to invest in a personal address system (PA) and generator. The PA needs to be usable indoors and outdoors; it would need to be heard by up to 3,000 people at one event. We currently reach 700 people at the main conference in Wakiso, and 250-300 people in each of the villages.

IMPACT Education : H.O.P.E. Christian school

We have a vision to provide quality education and build an excellent school. We want to create an environment that allows children to utilise their gifts and talents from a young age. Working together with parents, our mission is to Help Our Pupils to Excel (HOPE) in all that they do. We have purchased the land and acquired the architectural drawings and costing for the building, so now let the fundraising begin!

IMPACT Women: Business Start-Ups

We are currently looking into providing business start-ups, aimed primarily at single parents. These will come as one-off grants or micro-financing loans. All these options aim to enable women to become financially self-sufficient. We would also provide mentoring help to enable women to achieve their goals.


With the graduate unemployment rate in Uganda at over 500,000 people, we seek to set up an internship and leadership programme aimed at young people 18 years and above who are unemployed.

This programme will see young people being given valuable work experience in their areas of qualifications, as well as valuable leadership training to develop skills such as CV writing, job interview skills, influence/negotiation skills, communication skills etc.

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